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April 21, 2021

Find Your Best Pose: Outdoor Yoga Around LA

There’s a good chance you need to relax right about now. In-home yoga and fitness classes have been a blessing during the pandemic, but we all miss our favorite yoga studios and instructors. And now with the weather hitting peak spring and summer weather, we want to be outside for our lotus, tree and warrior poses. Combine the two: Outdoor yoga in L.A.

From stretching on the sand in Santa Monica  to finding you evening flow on your own rooftop, outdoor yoga is a chance to relax and take in the beauty of your Southern California and Downtown L.A. surroundings. Here are some of the best places to check out right now, plus online options that you can do right here at 1133 Hope. Be sure to check schedules and details for each before heading out.

1133 Hope Yoga DeckThe 1133 Yoga Deck

If you haven’t experienced doing your Vinyasa poses from the 29th floor yoga deck at 1133 Hope, you’re sorely missing out. Peaceful views, lots of blue sky, sun, and moments to yourself — or a pal. Bring a friend and stretch and breath alongside each other. Namaste.

Yoga Circle DTLA
Photo courtesy Yoga Circle DTLA

Yoga Circle

Once on the yoga deck, tap into the live streaming classes from the venerable Historic Core yoga studio, a DTLA favorite since 1999. Known for adhering close to tradition but leaving room for contemporary Western affinities. The classes are always inclusive, open to anyone of any ability (with the exception of a few more advanced ones), even virtually. All are donation-based and easily accessible a few days a week, including one 20-minute meditation session. 

Modo Yoga LA
Photo courtesy Modo Yoga

Modo Yoga

The Echo Park location has been doing outdoor socially distanced group sessions all during the pandemic on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and we hope they keep a few even after the studios reopen. There’s also a sweet deal for On Demand and live content for only $1 a day. And for every membership purchased, Modo will donate a membership to someone from an underserved, marginalized community.

Laughing Frog Yoga
Photo courtesy Laughing Dog Yoga/Kevin Hahn Photography

Laughing Frog Yoga

Beach yoga, goat yoga, puppy yoga — this West L.A. outfit does it all. There’s also virtual classes to get your flow on from anywhere, including that amazing yoga deck on the 29th floor (see what we did, there?). Laughing Yoga welcomes all levels, experiences, and open minds. 

Beach Yoga SoCal
Photo courtesy Beach Yoga SoCal

Beach Yoga SoCal

The beauty of living in Southern California is having the ocean right there, even if it’s not exactly right there from DTLA. A day at the beach can be regenerative in more ways than one with a great yoga session. Let the ocean be your soundtrack, the horizon as your focal point, and gorgeous views as a backdrop. $25 per season; group packages are also available.

Hot 8 Yoga
Photo courtesy Hot 8 Yoga

Hot 8 Yoga Outdoors

The brand known for everything from high-intensity Yoga Barre to relaxing Yin classes is growing throughout L.A., but right now there are outdoor experiences at three locations — Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks, and Pasadena. $20 for first two classes; packages are available. There are also more than 400 online classes and workshops to download, which are great for that solo yoga sesh on the terrace.

Featured photo by Kaylee Garrett via Unsplash