1133 Hope Workouts
October 14, 2020

Great DTLA Workouts for Home or Outdoors

These days you don’t have to go far to get a good workout. Whether it’s in the comfort of your own apartment, doing yoga or hitting the fitness center at 1133 Hope, or joining an outdoor cycling or cross fit class, there are more options than ever to get your sweat and swagger on. Here are some ideas from local Downtown businesses and beyond.

1133 Hope Workouts
Photo courtesy Yogis on the Move

Yogis on the Move

This mobile yoga studio holds pop-up classes wherever the om takes them, including the terrace at 1133 Hope. If you can’t make an in-person outdoor class, you can always take a virtual class. Classes are with experienced practitioners whose classes benefit all levels, from novice stretchers to those looking for something more challenging. 

1133 Hope Workouts
Photo by Elena Kloppenburg/Unsplash

Attitude Fitness

This is one of the coolest gyms in Downtown, complete with state-of-the-art equipment, lockers, classes and more. For everyone staying at home, the trainers created upbeat and challenging cardio and core-strengthening videos that you can follow at your own pace. Each features short demonstrations to guide you through the moves, plus advice for modifications. And then it’s all up to you to burn, baby, burn.

1133 Hope Workouts
Photo by Mark Adriane/Unsplash

Yoga Circle

This Historic Core yoga studio has been a DTLA favorite since 1999. Known for adhering close to tradition but leaving room for contemporary Western affinities. The classes are always inclusive, open to anyone of any ability (with the exception of a few more advanced ones), even virtually. All donation-based, there are easily accessible live streaming classes via Zoom and Facebook a few days a week, including one 20-minute meditation session. 


What used to be Pilates Plus is now known as Lagree, named after its founder and creator of the exclusive fitness equipment that’s used for these high intensity classes. This is not pilates. The workouts are a combination of bodybuilding techniques and low-impact movements that work the core and strengthen muscles. You’ll sweat. You’ll burn. You’ll feel great. And until classes can be moved inside again, they’re in an enclosed open-air setting for socially distanced workouts.

1133 Hope Workouts
Photo by Chase Kinney/Unsplash

Depot Fitness

Love crossfit? This studio is right in the heart of the South Park neighborhood, just a hop and a skip from 1133 Hope. The small-group workouts will help you get stronger, faster, flexible and improve stamina and agility. Bonus: Beginners can try a class for free. All classes are currently held outdoors, but fresh air is good when you’re lifting, stretching, pulling, pushing and more.

Featured photo by Wee Lee/Unsplash