Cafe Dulce DTLA Iced Coffee
August 4, 2020

8 Best Iced Coffee Drinks Around DTLA

Since even a cool day in Downtown L.A. is pretty balmy, iced coffee drinks are the de facto city fuel. You’ll see cold brew on every coffeehouse menu now, but it doesn’t stop at simply pouring coffee over ice. Sweetened, frozen, flavored or not — a great cold and caffeinated drink is the perfect treat, the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up. Here are 10 amazing iced coffee drinks to get around DTLA, all a quick shake and shimmy away from 1133 Hope

Iced coffee at Nimbus DTLA
Photo courtesy Nimbus Coffee


With its whimsical decor and flair, this South Park cafe will bring out your inner wizard. Try a Witches Cold Brew, a special blend of coffee with oat milk, condensed milk and spices, or the Better Buzz vegan shake, a blended maple espresso latte made with almond milk. 1115 South Hope St.

Café Dulce

The Little Tokyo cafe is widely known for its cool and creamy Vietnamese-style iced coffee, plus things like blueberry matcha lattes, single-origin pour overs, and green tea donuts. A second location at Row DTLA is also open for pickup and delivery. 134 Japanese Village Plaza Mall; 777 S. Alameda St. 

Philz Coffee iced rose
Photo courtesy Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee

The icy drinks at the SF-based chain run the gamut, from iced mojito, an iced coffee made with fresh mint, or the Ice Coffee Rosé, a smooth and sweet concoction topped with subtly scented rose cream. The velvety Mocha Tesora is one of the most popular drinks at the South Park cafe. 801 S. Hope St.


The original G&B, sibling to the Go Get Em Tiger chain, anchors the Hill Street side of the Grand Central Market. Stop by the counter for one of the wildly popular iced lattes, once dubbed “the best in America” by the New York Times, made with house almond milk and espresso. If you really want to go big, get the thick and rich coffee milkshake. 317 S. Broadway

Little Fluffy Head coffee
Photo courtesy Little Fluffy Head

Little Fluffy Head

The menu at this tiny, chic shop is full of cheese tea boba — it’s “fluffy” because of the whipped cheesy topping on all the drinks. But the secret gem is the cold brew latte hints of dark chocolate, orange and honey topped with fluffy cheesecake or vegan coconut cream. Is it coffee or dessert? Does it matter? 203 W. 7th St.

Tierra Mia

You can get an array of Latin-inspired coffee drinks at the busy DTLA spot, anything from a mocha Mexicano to a Cubano con leche. The iced horchata latte is a standout, a blend of two great flavors in one: the creamy, sweet, cinnamon-spiced Mexican beverage and espresso made with Tierra Mia’s own roasted beans. 653 S Spring St.

Blue Bottle DTLA
Photo courtesy Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle

With two locations Downtown — one at the historic Bradbury Building, the other in the heart of the Arts District — you can get the chicory-flavored, creamy and slightly sweetened iced coffee drink made on the spot or already in a carton to take home. But only the Bradbury outpost has a zero-proof bar that transforms cold-brewed coffees into iced, poured, shaken or stirred concoctions. Think: An Oji Old Fashioned, made with slow-drip coffee and jasmine tea, or the Suzuki Refresher, a sparkling cold brew with mint and lime. 300 S. Broadway; 582 Mateo St.

Urth Caffe

The Arts District location of the LA-born cafe is famous for a lot of things, but people go out of their way to get the granitas. Made with espresso, cream and flavorings like vanilla or chocolate, the smooth blends hit the spot on a hot day. Adding boba to any of them is the icing on the top, er, bottom of the drink. 459 S. Hewitt St.